Back to the Dark Ages

This is absolutely phenomenal — had no idea there were people still thinking this way in 2013!! 

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3 Responses to Back to the Dark Ages

  1. erinbailie says:

    “More and more women are coming forward to tell their stories of regret for having by-passed the more meaningful things in life to opt for the approval of feminists who cared nothing more about them than being statistics to reinforce their agenda.”

    //sarcasm: Because encouraging gender equality is entirely about statistics for the feminist agenda and nothing about the actual impact it will have on women’s lives.

    //end sarcasm: But honestly, it’s sad that the writers of this article consider so few life paths as viable options for their daughters.

  2. mda91709 says:

    This is ridiculous…

  3. Probably the only thing on the internet where I actually agreed with the “Comment” section.

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