A remix and a fallout

The plot thickens on this one — seems Beastie Boys did NOT attempt to sue Goldie Blox but it was the other way around. . .


Bailie's Uncensored Reflections

A remix and a fallout

I saw this post on Jezebel and thought it related to our discussion the other day (and all the other stories people are sharing about YouTube copyright infringement). 


There’s an ad for GoldieBlox, an awesome toy for girls that’s similar to the ones we looked at earlier this semester. The ad shows girls building a giant contraption (called a Rube Goldberg machine) to turn off the TV which is showing a silly pink girly ad. I think it’s got an awesome message about the things that girls can do for fun (i.e. tinker and build). I was a little hesitant about the remix at first, since the Beastie Boys song is sexualized, but the new lyrics are perfectly PG.


And get this: the Beastie Boys are suing. I can kind of see this – it’s not a personal video; it’s an ad. And…

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