Twine game links


The following Twine games were produced in a Technology and Culture course at MIT in Fall 2015, as part of a FemTechNet DOCC course.

Earlier versions of these games, and others created by students of Dr. Alexis Lothian at the University of Maryland can be found here.

ADHD2by Nancy Lu, Ray Asare, Nick Mohr, and Danielle Man. A game considering ADHD and the technology of medication.

Cyborg Journey, by Kyle Yuan, Andrew Koh, James Usrey, and Hyun Jong Kim. A game about a society marked by two classes of people, the cybernetically enhanced and an unenhanced lower class.

Identity Theft, by Tejas Sundaresan, Kulpreet Chilana, Wally Wibowo, and Jessica Wang. A cautionary game about identity theft.

Menarche Madness by Jordan Sessa, Priyanka Shome, Farhana R. Khan, India Kerle, and
Bianca Pichamuthu. A game about the complexity of learning about menstruation in puberty.

PAWS (“swap” backwards)by Oren Katzen, Hannah Zlotnick, Marshall Wentworth, and Samuel Udotang. A game about a gender-swapped world.

Research Simulator, by Andres Rios, Roberto Soto, Sydney Carter, and Jack Erdozain. A game exploring ethical decision-making surrounding research funding.

Smile – We’re Watchingby Srinidhi Viswanathan, Riana Lo Bu, Serena Pan, Wei-En Lee, and Roza Trilesskaya. A game about institutional surveillance of a student activist group.

Twinebook, by Sabrine Ahmed Iqbal, Roberto Brenes, Melissa Jo Zambrana, Melody Liu,
Hyun Jee Rhee. A game about data mining and surveillance in social media platforms.

OTHER SIGNIFICANT TWINE (and similar narrative) GAMES

Coming Out Simulator, by Nicky Case

Depression Quest, by Zoe Quinn

Howling Dogs, by Porpentine

Hunt For the Gay Planet, by Anna Antropy

Imposter Syndrome by Mx. Dietrich Squinkifer (Squinky)

Redshift and Portmetal, by Micha Cardenas


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  1. These are amazing! It’s like being sucked into a vortex of wonderful procrastination.

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